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Meet The Comics Who are Helping Black Sheep Take Over Comedy Appetizer

For one night only, Black Sheep Comedy is taking over Comedy Appetizer at Remarkable Bean in Leslieville! So make sure to show up to Comedy Appetizer at Remarkable Bean on Leslieville at 7:30 on Friday April 19th for laughs and coffee and to get your mind off the fact that you will be spending the next three days with your family for Passover or Easter.

And now it’s time to get to know your comics!

Izabel Zed Tee

Isabel Zaw-Tun is a comic and illustrator from Toronto. She co-produces the fashion comedy cult hit Hack Couture, as well as the delicious summer comedy show Ice Cream Social. She has performed at Zoofest & the Port Hope Comedy Festival, she has written for DNatured Journal & Gary and His Demons, and her jokes have been featured on Buzzfeed, Funny Or Die, and The Huffington Post. She has designed clothing for MaCauley Culkin and her most recent children’s book, Kafka For Children, is available online.

Magenta Suzanne

Magenta started in comedy through improv which she taught and performed in jails, rehabs and abuse shelters in effort to use laughter as a form of communication. She continued doing improv in New York while studying theatre full time for close to ten years.

After returning to Canada & at the same time hitting the age where suddenly all of her auditions were to play mothers, she heard a commercial casting agent say, “I’ve never seen anyone this awkward around children! Was she raised by wolves?!” Magenta decided it was time try stand up where awkwardness, flaws and years of experience of making inmates laugh would finally come in handy. She’s performed at Yuk Yuk’s, Absolute Comedy, The Rivoli, every dive bar you can think of & hosted a number of large-scale events including festivals at Dundas Square.

Jordan Policicchio

Jordan Policicchio is an up an coming comedian in the Toronto scene. Join him as he explores his life and interactions with his mother.

You can catch him at one of his shows, he co-hosts; Comedy on Sixth and Rose and Sons Presents.

Sonja Maxine Jacobsen

Sonja Jacobsen is a writer and comedian from Vancouver, currently based in Toronto. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from UBC. She has been performing improv comedy for over 7 years and is currently studying at the Humber College: Comedy Writing and Performance Program. In her spare time she likes scrapbooking, watching cartoons, and raging about feminist issues. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @sonjacobsen23.

AJ Bate

AJ Bate is a comic from Hamilton that’s performed all over Southern Ontario, he was a finalist on go yuk yourself 2016.

James Azizieh

James Azizieh, the first of his name, is a newcomer to the comedy stage and recent graduate of The Second City stand up comedy program. You don’t know him from any awards, tv shows or movies, but if you’re on Grindr then you might recognize his thumbnail before you rightfully hit “block”.  Bringing you a heavy helping of Queer Comedy, James is serving you full on rainbow eggplant realness.

Justen Williams

Justen Williams is a 25 year old actor, comedian, writer, and podcaster. He’s been performing his comedic act since he was 21, and he’s taken it to places he has no business being. He has performed in Los Angeles at Second City, Atlanta at Punchline, Newfoundland, Germany, and all around Ontario.

Johnny Batta

Johnny batta has been doing comedy for three years. In that time span he has won the absolute prove your a comic competition and performed for the just for laughs 42 festival. He has performed at the broad way comedy club in New York city and the Carlson Comedy club in Rochester. Johnny’s laid back but very unique style of comedy is the reason he is one of the fastest rising young comedian in the city.
Charles Daghlian

Hi, I’m Charles. 26 years old. From Montreal, QC. Been performing stand-up for most of my life, but have gotten back into it more regularly for the past 2 years.

I’ve performed at Just for Laughs and the Yuk Yuk’s in Vancouver. I would say my style if very self-deprecating and based on true stories and incidents that happen to me.

Follow-me on Instagram. or Charles Daghlian on Youtube.F

Fun fact: Comedy Appetizer is called a free show but that’s a filthy lie. We will ask you to PWYC (pay what you can), and hopefully we will raise enough for the comedians to get bus fare home. Also, we strongly suggest you bring a Tinder Date and trick them into thinking you’re super loaded simply by paying what you can’t.

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