Corkscrew Reviews Thank You for Smoking

Cork Screw Reviews – the reviews you never asked for about movies you’ve long forgot. Reviews that may or may not contain spoilers (spoiler alert: they will) but let’s face it, you should’ve watched these by now, anyway. Patrick, Cathy and I are back to give our take on another film! Today we’re reviewing Thank [...]

Thanks for Coming Out to TAP!

Black Sheep’s first “Testing: Attention Please” show had it all; a ukulele, a comedy rap duo, brand new talent, seasoned comics and a cash prize! We also had a full house at Social Capital Theatre so thank you to our fantastic audience! Of course, we wouldn’t have enjoyed such success without our fantastic lineup, so [...]

Cork Screw Reviews Club Dread

My good friend (and amazing real estate agent in the Collingwood/Blue Mountains area, btw), Patrick, tagged me in one of those Facebook challenge things that I 100% ignore all of the time. The challenge was to post a pic from a movie once per day for ten days. After tagging me in the challenge, Patrick [...]

Happy Halloween 2018!

How do stand-up comics celebrate Halloween? They do stand up in costume, of course! Here are some pics of Cathy and Darcia at Mandy Goodhandy's Halloween party at 120 Diner.


Meet the comics performing at TESTING. ATTENTION PLEASE! Stand Up @ Social Capital. Headliner: GoodKnight Super style rap comedy group GoodKnight  has rocked the stage over and over with their funny and dynamic delivery. From sharp and fresh originals to hilarious parodies of songs you already love. With the comedic and musical talents of Mark [...]

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