Meet the Comics of Stand Up @ Brunswick Bierworks, Nov 24th

Black Sheep is proud to present the line up of Stand Up @ Brunswick Bierworks on November 24th in East York, Toronto.

Corkscrew Reviews Thank You for Smoking

Cork Screw Reviews – the reviews you never asked for about movies you’ve long forgot. Reviews that may or may not contain spoilers (spoiler alert: they will) but let’s face it, you should’ve watched these by now, anyway. Patrick, Cathy and I are back to give our take on another film! Today we’re reviewing Thank [...]

Thanks for Coming Out to TAP!

Black Sheep’s first “Testing: Attention Please” show had it all; a ukulele, a comedy rap duo, brand new talent, seasoned comics and a cash prize! We also had a full house at Social Capital Theatre so thank you to our fantastic audience! Of course, we wouldn’t have enjoyed such success without our fantastic lineup, so [...]

Cork Screw Reviews Club Dread

My good friend (and amazing real estate agent in the Collingwood/Blue Mountains area, btw), Patrick, tagged me in one of those Facebook challenge things that I 100% ignore all of the time. The challenge was to post a pic from a movie once per day for ten days. After tagging me in the challenge, Patrick [...]

Happy Halloween 2018!

How do stand-up comics celebrate Halloween? They do stand up in costume, of course! Here are some pics of Cathy and Darcia at Mandy Goodhandy's Halloween party at 120 Diner.

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