Comedy Event Bookings: We LOVE Feedback!

We LOVE producing comedy shows for businesses, charities and private celebrations. And in return we have received a lot of love from our clients! If you want to book a comedy show or book a comedian, please let us know. Learn more about our comedy event packages.

Fun & Creative Online Fundraisers

Yes, Black Sheep Comedy manages your fun and creative online events, including private parties, corporate events and employee or client socials. But did you know that Black Sheep Comedy hosts amazing and unique online fundraising events? In fact, we not only book Canada’s best comedians for your fundraiser, but we can also manage the entire … Continue reading Fun & Creative Online Fundraisers

BS News is coming soon. We want you to be a part of it

We have had a lot of time on their hands due to COVID completely obliterating the company that they painstakingly worked to create. Not that we’re bitter. Instead of moping (okay, we moped a little), we decided to do something constructive that we hope will bring more exposure and opportunity to Canadian comedians.And now, we’re … Continue reading BS News is coming soon. We want you to be a part of it

Velvet Duke Productions – Improv Classes & More

If you’ve spent some time on our website, you’ve caught on that Black Sheep Comedy runs some excellent online stand-up comedy shows for the comedy-loving public, corporate events and private parties. And obviously, when the Corona Curse is over, we plan to return full-swing to our live stand-up comedy events in craft breweries and independently … Continue reading Velvet Duke Productions – Improv Classes & More

Listen to Black Sheep Comedy on 102.7 Chop FM!

Join Cathy and Darcia, the two oddball women who run Black Sheep Comedy, as we talk comedy on air! Not only that, we're bringing the hilarious and disgustingly talented Leonard Chan along so he can 1) say nice things about us, and 2) make sure we don't say something extremely stupid. So listen in and … Continue reading Listen to Black Sheep Comedy on 102.7 Chop FM!