Arch Brewing Co. – Arch Brewing Co. features incredible beer with quirky names at a gorgeous venue in Newmarket. Arch is available for private functions.

Big Rock BreweryBig Rock Brewery has been at the forefront of craft beer since 1985. Today, their variety of beers and ciders are passionately brewed in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver offering quality craft beer nationwide. For beer or event inquiries, please email For tickets to other events and tours, visit To try their newest beer innovations, visit their brewpub in Liberty Village.

Brunswick Bierworks – Brunswick Bierworks welcomes our guests to a friendly, accommodating atmosphere. The taproom is 3380 sq. ft. of open-concept space featuring exposed wood beams, large windows that allow your guests to view the brewery. This space offers an additional Cellar Tasting Room for private dining. A brewery tour can be included in the experience if requested.

Junction Craft Brewing – Since 2011, Junction Craft Brewing has been on a roll. When you ride the rails with us, the landscape is always changing. We’re all about variety and choice in a wide range of quality, handcrafted beers. We’re brewing new brews at a steady pace, and the journey is now even more interesting. So, all aboard for fresh beer, craft brewed in The Junction!

Rorshach Brewing Co. – Rorschach (ROAR-shack)The Rorschach test was created by Swiss-Psychologist Herman Rorschach in 1921; the test wasn’t widely used until the 1960’s. The test was meant as a way to provide data about cognition and personality variables such as motivations, response tendencies, cognitive operations, affectivity, and personal/interpersonal perceptions. The test was a complicated one with years of education required to be able to asses an individual using this method. Why in the world would we name our brewery after such an obscure test with a name that is so difficult to pronounce? As legend states our brewer one day looked into his glass of beer and out of the foam saw a Rorschach symbol appear. After this, he surmised that while beer flavours and aromas have definitive compounds and chemicals, beer tastes are subjective and individual to the person tasting them and thus Rorschach Brewing Co. was born, a place where we ask you what do you taste? We strive to have all of our guests leave a little different than when they arrived, to learn a little something about themselves, to be surprised by what they like and to break down assumptions and self-imposed limits. Like many historic breweries in Europe, we strive for Rorschach Brewing Co. to be a place where our community gathers to share experiences through our beer. 

120 Diner – Your friendly neighbourhood entertainment venue. 120 Diner is located in downtown Toronto at 120 Church street. Very close to major landmarks such as the Eaton Centre, Union Station and City Hall.


JnK ImageryJnK Imagery is a branding photography and illustration studio that specializes in creating authentic images that capture a client’s personality and story. No matter what your business, we want to create images for you that hook your viewers and set you apart.

JoVi Photography

Photographer capturing moments and experiences. Passionate about learning and experimenting.

Building my portfolio. Please reach out if you’re interested in a shoot anywhere between Oshawa and Niagara can likely be accommodated.

Michael AuCoin
FB: @jovi11photography
IG: @jovi11photography


Canadian Association of Stand Up Comedy – The primary goal of The Association is to create and build upon opportunities for success for Canadian stand-up comedians. The first initiative is elevating stand-up comedy to a recognized art form in Canada. This helps make our work eligible for government funding at all levels.


Want to partner with us? Or do you want to sponsor comedy events in Toronto? Please contact Black Sheep Comedy today. We’d love to hear from you!

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