BS News, Canada’s newest and probably best ever satirical news and comedy site, has officially launched. With headlines such as Are Conception Reveal Photos the Next New Trend in Baby Announcements?, Rage Against the Machine Officially Downgraded to Bubblegum Pop, And Guy Named Ryan Forgets Which Ryan He Is, how could you not want to … Continue reading BS NEWS IS HERE

Thank You, Next

Thank you to Next Magazine for adding us to The Shortlist! We are super thrilled that Black Sheep Comedy Featuring Rebecca Reeds & Friends made your Top Ten Things To Do this June! We can't wait to show off this incredibly talented lineup on Friday, June 11th in our latest edition of comedy from your … Continue reading Thank You, Next

BS News is coming soon. We want you to be a part of it

We have had a lot of time on their hands due to COVID completely obliterating the company that they painstakingly worked to create. Not that we’re bitter. Instead of moping (okay, we moped a little), we decided to do something constructive that we hope will bring more exposure and opportunity to Canadian comedians.And now, we’re … Continue reading BS News is coming soon. We want you to be a part of it

Listen to Black Sheep Comedy on 102.7 Chop FM!

Join Cathy and Darcia, the two oddball women who run Black Sheep Comedy, as we talk comedy on air! Not only that, we're bringing the hilarious and disgustingly talented Leonard Chan along so he can 1) say nice things about us, and 2) make sure we don't say something extremely stupid. So listen in and … Continue reading Listen to Black Sheep Comedy on 102.7 Chop FM!

Thank You For Attending!

We had so much fun at our February show! Thank you to the talented comedians, including "That Canadian Guy" Glen Foster, Alan Shane Lewis, Rachelle Lauzon & Arianne Tong. And thank you to our super cool audience If you look twice at the first image, you'll notice that Rachelle and The Plague Doctor eyeballing each … Continue reading Thank You For Attending!