Six Ways To Get Booked on Comedy Shows by Clif Knight

So now you’ve got a couple of open mics under your belt, you’ve made the host chuckle a few times and you remember to move the mic stand outta your way. Hopefully you’ve also figured out a bit of your stage presence and have learned How to Deal With Freezing Up On Stage. Now before […]

It’s All in the Delivery: How to Go from Crickets to Applause Break

So, you spontaneously told a joke at the office, and it was a hit. You told the joke again to the parking attendant and he kinda chuckled. Not the same response but you know the joke is funny because everyone in the break room laughed. It was funny…right? At a dinner with the in-laws that […]

Falling Face First into Stand-Up Comedy

Black Sheep Comedy is run by two women who have survived their 20s and 30s pretty much intact. One of us has even navigated through her (gasp) 40s!  We LOVE our new venture, Black Sheep Comedy, and we LOVE getting feedback from audience members. That said, many of the women will say things that we […]