Congrats to Toronto’s Sirius XM Top Comic finalists!

Sirius XM Top Comic Competition 2019Black Sheep Comedy would like to take a minute to congratulate Toronto’s 2019 Sirius XM Top Comic Finalists.  Many of the people on the list are friends of our show, and the others we hope will be friends on one of our shows soon!  But the one thing they all have in common is that they are all very talented and have made us laugh.  This is not an easy thing to do, considering that for the most part, Canadian Stand Up Comics are under-paid and unrecognized for their efforts.  Sure, sometimes we get a free drink, or we get paid in fish & chips for our set (this actually happened to Darcia, and she was happy to have it!), but we typically live in a poor, and anonymous existence.

Special mention to last year’s winner, Chanty Marostica who knocked it out of the park at our show in January, and to last year’s runner up, Kyle Brownrigg, who will be headlining for us at Brunswick Bierworks on May 31st.

Courtney Gilmour is a finalist this year; we wish her well and look forward to her headlining Black Sheep Comedy’s Stand Up @ Brunswick on June 28th.  Also, on this list is Pat Thornton who will be headlining our June 22nd Black Sheep Comedy’ Stand Up @ Big Rock Brewery (ticket links for both these events coming soon).

Being acknowledged for standing out in your field, doing what you love…. It’s a big deal.  So, congratulations to all the finalists this year:

Dena Jackson                                     Leonard Chan                                    Rebecca Reeds

Adam Christie                                    Nour Hadidi                                        Derek Seguin

Ted Morris                                          Natalie Norman                                Pat Thornton

Brandon Ash-Mohammed            Rhiannon Archer                              Adrienne Fish

Chris Locke                                         Courtney Gilmour                            Chris Robinson

Nick Beaton                                        Jarrett Campbell                               Marito Lopez

Nick Nemeroff                                  Keith Pedro                                        Keersha Brownie

Dylan Gott                                          Eman El-Husseini                              Nigel Grinstead

Martha Chaves                                 Alan Lewis                                           Jackie Pirico

Alex Wood                                          Jess Salomon                                     Daniel Woodrow

If you want to see these stellar comedians compete for the coveted title of Sirius XM Top Comic and that $25,000 prize, here’s the show dates and locations!

Sirius XM Top Comic Finalists Toronto

Toronto Sirius XM Top Comic Finalists

Sirius XM Top Comic Finalists Toronto Sirius XM Top Comic Finalists 2019

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