Stop Bugging Us. We have Our Reasons, Dammit.

A few (okay, a bunch) of people have asked Black Sheep Comedy why we aren’t running an exclusively LGBTQ lineup during Pride month. I promise you, the answer is not “because we’re assholes.” The fact that we’re assholes did not factor into this decision at all.

See, while Cathy and I (the two bad bitches who run Black Sheep Comedy) are supporters and allies, we’re not members of the community. Which means that less than 100% of the profits, exposure and benefits from the show would go back into the LGBTQ community. So, after a quick discussion, a couple of head nods and a few glasses of wine, we decided to continue to support and promote the community during Pride in the same way we do year-round. By offering up diverse and crazy-talented line-ups at venues across the GTA, and by attending as many LGBTQ produced show as our schedules allow.

We would also like to encourage all comedy lovers in the city to celebrate PRIDE by catching an event or several in which all the profits and exposure from that show go towards members of the LGBTQ community. If you’ve never been to an exclusively LGBTQ lineup before, trust us, you will have an awesome time! In fact, we want you to go so bad, we’ve compiled a list of some LGBTQ Pride comedy shows happening in Toronto over the month of June.

Happy Pride Toronto. We heart you.

Toronto 2019 Pride Month Comedy Events

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