We have some fantastic news! Our bi-monthly show, TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! Is officially a monthly show!

From now until the end of the 2019, you will find Black Sheep Comedy at 120 Diner each and every month. We’re super excited about this because TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! Is a one-of-a-kind show. It offers brand new comedians, many of whom just graduated from their first stand up class or have only graced one or two open mics with their presence, an opportunity to mix and network with comedians who have been doing stand up for two years or more. AND there’s a friendly competition!

New comedians:

You are offered help with writing your bio, instructed on the light and behind the scenes stuff, and are able perform material in a fun and welcoming environment. In addition, you are encouraged to ask the more experienced comedians on the line up any burning comedy question you might have. There are no assholes on TAP lineups (or any Black Sheep shows, really) so there is no need to be nervous. Feedback on material is only provided if requested.

Experienced comedians:

Try out new-ish material (no notebooks, please) or go for the gold with a tried-and-true 5-minute set. Off-stage, answer questions and offer advice to new comedians. We promise you’ll walk away feeling like a million bucks because, in talking about your experiences and knowledge, you’ll remind yourself of just how much you’ve learned and improved in the last couple of years or more – despite the fact that you’ve wanted to wrap that mic cord around your own neck once or a gajillion times.

Friendly competition:

At the end of the evening, the audience will vote for their favourite comedian of the evening. The winning comic will earn a huge(ly underwhelming) prize of $50 and a surprise prize, which could be awesome or totally suck. In addition (and independent of the audience vote) there is a Mark’s Pick winner, who will be offered a paid spot on an upcoming Black Sheep Comedy brewery show.

How to Get on the Show:

Please email blacksheepstandupcomedy@gmail.com with the subject line TAP Spot Request, and let us know how long you’ve been doing comedy. We do get a lot of requests and we’ll put you in queue so please don’t email a reminder unless you haven’t heard back in a couple of months.

THAT SAID, you can jump to the front-ish of the line if you show up for a TAP show.

Just let the door person know that you’re a comic who would like to be on the show. You can pay $5 for a voting ballot or skip voting and go in for free. See Cathy in the greenroom to be put on the list for the next available slot.

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