TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! Toronto’s friendliest comedy competition is back at 120 Diner with a mix of new and experienced comics! Join us for a fun night of awesome jokes, drinks and food! The comedian voted audience favourite will win $50 in cold, hard cash and a surprise prize that could be amazing or something stupid.

And if all of this wasn’t exciting eough, our headliner capping off the evening is none other than Allie Pearse!

Allie Pearse

Allie Pearse is a Montreal native who, not so recently, relocated to Toronto. She won the Comedyworks Open Mic Invitational in Montreal, was part of JFL’s Comedy 101 roast show and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the I Heart Joke Awards ans performs all over Toronto. When she’s not doing standup, you can find Allie complaining about how tired she is and eating poutine.

Ryan Sim

Ryan Sim is a Hamilton based comedian who runs monthly shows at several breweries and a licensed Barbershop called Hendry’s. Ryan has been performing all over Ontario and in the United States, most recently at the Brampton Comedy Festival. He also just got a haircut, which he needed.

Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce is a spry young stand up comedian from Toronto, and is also the creator of DotMP3, an online sketch comedy channel which has garnered thousands of views on Youtube. He was voted Crazy Funny by audiences at Crazy Eights, with surreal jokes that have been described as ‘airtight’ and ‘oversharing’. Dan has also performed stand up at 120 Diner, The Rivoli, and some dive bar in Sudbury.

Maddy Foley

Maddy Foley is an actor/writer from Ancaster, Ontario.  With a background in musical theatre, she began working in Toronto in 2016. Since then, she has co-created and starred in two webseries, “Stepsisters” and “Allie & Lara Make a Horror Movie” which you can find on Youtube (for free…just saying). She started performing stand-up in 2018 and is currently finishing the Second City Conservatory program. You can also catch her on your TV sets usually as “Woman #1”, “Reporter #2” or “Lady Who Misses Bus.”

Alison Mullings

Alison Mullings is a Toronto based actor/producer/amateur comedian. She has appeared in theatre, film and television and convinced herself she’s funny enough to grace the stage of comedy. After taking a stand up comedy class with comedian Crystal Ferrier she’s ready to hit all the stages across Canada with false confidence and sweaty palms. She apologizes in advance for whoever grabs the microphone after her performance. 

Dan Udy

Dan Udy is a queer writer and comedian from London (the other one). He regularly performs at venues across the city and is the host of The Rosé Ceremony, a Bachelor viewing party at Disgraceland. By day, he works in sexual health. By night, he tells jokes about it. Brace yourselves.

Lindsay Klein

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Lindsay is an interior designer by day and comedian by night. Her friends like to call her “an old soul with hip taste.” 

Lindsay has been doing comedy for 2 years and loves sharing every awkward encounter and embarrassing situation for the amusement of others. There’s nothing she enjoys more than making people laugh at her own expense!

Ryan Bembridge

Ryan has only been in Canada for a short time, having moved to Toronto this summer from his native England.

Sometimes he plays music, sometimes he just says words, but either way he can be quite weird.

Ryan was part of the prestigious Soho Theatre Young Company in London, which has helped train some of the UK’s best up and coming comedians. 

He took a show to the Edinburgh Fringe comedy festival in 2016, where he performed stand-up every day for a month.

Bobbi Summers

Bobbi Summers is a comic and songwriter. He was recently named ‘Entertainer of the Year’ by Tabitha who works at A&W. 

Nicole Witherall

Nicole Witherall is a new comic and experienced joke from Toronto. When she’s not on stage, she’s doing her best to make the world a better place by convincing people not to get bangs. You can find her on instagram @normalonlineactivity. 

Liia Kajak

Liia Kajak is an aspiring comedian from Toronto. She was raised on a strict diet of Looney Tunes and Monthy Python, and is surprised (and slightly relieved) to have turned out somewhat normal. Over the years she has completed various programs at the Second City Training Centre including Improv, Musical Improv, and Sketch Writing. She truly believes that laughter is the best medicine, and when you learn to laugh at yourself, nothing can stop you. 

Joshua MacKinnon

Joshua MacKinnon, currently residing in the small village of Orono, recently started comedy and he’s having a great time, to be honest. When Joshua isn’t on stage, you can find him growing and smoking the devil’s lettuce, riding his motorcycle, walking through the country with his dogs.

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