TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! Toronto’s friendliest comedy competition is back at 120 Diner with a mix of new and experienced comics! Join us for a fun night of awesome jokes, drinks and food, capped off with a killer set from your headliner Foad HP! The comedian voted audience favourite will win $50 in cold, hard cash and a surprise prize that could be amazing or something stupid.

Who will be crowned audience favourite? You’ll just have to show up and vote to find out. Now check out your lovely lineup for the evening:

Your Headliner Foad HP!

Foad HP is an actor, comic, and writer from Toronto. He has performed at Just for Laughs, taped a set for Kevin Hart’s Lol Network, won the Toronto Comedy Brawl, written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and made guest appearances in American Gods and Nikita. 

Krissia Valiente

Krissia Valiente is a shining star with boundless talent.

In her third year of performing, she has been making a lane for herself and photographing some of the biggest names in Canadian comedy.

Highly confident, and afraid of success, she invites you to laugh with her even though you’ll actually just be laughing at her.

Steph Marie

Steph Marie is an up and coming comedian from Toronto. She enrolled in the Second City’s stand up program in January of 2019 and has since been yelling her deepest darkest secrets into any microphone she can get her hands on! 

Jeremy Dobski

Jeremy Dobski is a Toronto based stand up comedian, originally rooted in Montreal. He is a staple at both The Corner Comedy Club and The Underground Comedy Clubs in Toronto, and was twice voted as one of Montreal’s Top 10 Comedians in CULT MTL magazine. He is the host of The Flicks With Dicks Podcast, and has performed on numerous festivals, and has toured across North America working with many notable comics. His dark sardonicism is equaled by his absurd silliness. Self proclaimed as the smartest idiot or the biggest dummy who knows big words.

Monty Langford

Monty Langford is a brand new and fresh smelling stand-up comedian from a small town south of Toronto. When he’s not being sassy and sarcastic, he’s wondering if he should be.

Ben Pitfield

Ben Pitfield is not not a good guy. He grew up in Toronto, hardened on the mean streets of Moore Park and the Bayview strip. His territory goes as far north as Eglinton and as far west as Laird. He has planted over 500,000 trees, and has maintained his sanity by making jokes as he did it. He is 23, which is quite old. For a dog. 

Olivia Collict

Olivia Collict is a Toronto based stand-up comedian and writer. She is best described as, “if Regina George was a stoner”. You can find Olivia performing at venues throughout the city, and beyond (when she deigns to leave Toronto). And you can always find her every other Tuesday at Duffy’s Tavern where she is the producer and co-host of a bi-weekly comedy show called Banged-Up Comedy. 

Shoe Murakami

Shoe Murakami Japanese Stand-Up Comedian, born and raised in Tokyo. After almost being a high school dropout, he started studying English by listening to English music at 18. After graduating from university, he traveled around Southeast Asia for a couple of months and lived in Cambodia for 4 and a half years, working as an English FM radio personality, musician, bar owner, English teacher, translator and sales representative. A lot of shocking and crazy experiences he had around the world and the culture shock he experienced when coming back to Japan have made him want to become a standup comedian to share this craziness and to make a happier world. Moved to Canada in August, 2019 to challenge himself as a stand-up comedian.

Chris Barker
(Mark Charles)

Pimping ain’t easy and it definitely ain’t easy when you are new to Canada. Chris is a new comedian from the states and he will use his set to tell you of the trials and tribulations he has faced since becoming a frequent visitor to Canada this year.

Tracy Lopes

Tracy is a graduate of the Second-City Stand-up course. When she isn’t at an open mic, she’s finishing her PhD, complaining about it, or crying. Her comedy has been described as “uplifting” by her peers. 

Minu Walia

Minu Walia is a fresh-faced comic from Mississauga whose warned us that she might break the mic system with her loud voice. When she’s not on stage you can find her faking an emergency so that she can get out of a bad tinder date.

Chris Mah

Chris Mah is a brand-new comic with the charm and with of “insert someone here without charm and wit”. When Chris isn’t on stage, you can find him playing basketball or dreaming about basketball. He really likes basketball.

Angela Mairano-Thurston

Angela Maiorano-Thurston has performed all over North America except for Mexico, sticky passport situation. She is currently contributing comedic voiceovers for an animated series “D.N.Ace” still being animated. She’s appeared on several annoying commercials. And some made for TV movies. You might catch Angela on a Netflix movie called “Polar” don’t blink because her performance is 2.5 seconds long. Angela is also known as “Halvsie Harriet” in the popular Nickolodeon kids show “Odd Squad”.

Get your advance price tickets today or spend a couple dollars (cash only) more at the door.

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