Comedians In Search of Zen

When our two favourite Hamilton-based comedians, Jason Allen and AJ Bate, joined forces to start a podcast, we simply had to share the news! If you’re even mildly confused and angry (and who isn’t, really) or you love great comedy, this is the podcast for you…

Anger, whether it’s being stuck in traffic, spilling coffee on your favourite shirt or getting drunk and trying to fight a minor hockey team in Sudbury (don’t judge) we have all experienced a loss of control when it comes to our emotions from time to time. Maybe you like hearing people talk about their anger so you don’t feel so alone maybe there’s a podcast for that. Comedians Jason Allen and A.J Bate from Hamilton Ontario (where anger was invented) have started a podcast about all the things that make us rage out as humans. In Search of Zen is a podcast about two angry guys trying to understand a world of social media self-righteousness, a society where manners have disappeared like Tara Reeds career and where the fit in and how to cope in such a confusing environment.

Jason and A.J talk about everything from an annoying audience member at a show to childhood trauma. Every Tuesday a new episode is released on iTunes, Spotify and Google play where they rant about all that bothers and frustrates them about functioning with the enemy… other people. Of course it is not all screaming matches and knife fights A.J and Jason also try to find the silver lining as they know reacting with raised voices and clenched fists is no way to solve things as two people who are trying to seem some what reasonable. Really this podcast is about to friends trying to help each other out and often calm each other down. They’re angry but not because they are angry because they are misunderstood this podcast serves as an outlet for that and may also be part of their probation.

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