Coping with Quarantine: A List of Canadian Comedy Albums

As announced here, Black Sheep Comedy has put our events on hold for the time being. We are very aware, however, that Canada can do with a bit of laughter, now more than ever. Also, comedians who have had their gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future would greatly benefit from the support of fellow Canadians.

So, while you are self-isolating, we have a suggestion that will help elevate your mood while doing something good for local talent. Grab your partner, roommate, domesticated furball or emotional support pillow. Open up a bottle of wine and spend the evening laughing along to a comedy album or two.

We have compiled a list of awesome Canadian comedy albums, in alphabetical order below. How do we know they’re awesome? Because we asked actual comedians which albums they are listening to during the Corontine. Here are their answers:


All Mouth and No Trousers, Marilla Wex

Blackest Panther, Arthur Simeon

Blue Lights, Dena Jackson

Buddy, Rebecca Reeds

Bustin Loose, Todd Graham

Chicken!, Pat Thornton

Chunky Salsa, Martha Chaves

Comedy Records Presents – Various Artists

Confident Dreams, Insecure Realities, Nitish Sakhuja

Dawn of the Ted, Ted Morris

Dream Phone, Jackie Pirico

Fine Big Girl, Martha O’Neill

First Generation Comedian, Joe Vu

Girl Penis, Manolis Zontanos

Helicopter Rich, Craig Fay

Hot N’ Hungry – EXPLICIT, Steph Tolev

House Arrest – Trophy, Kate Davis

Lil Bit of Buddie, Sophie Buddie

Magically Malicious, Fiona O’Brien

Mind Pockets, Mark Debonis

Musical Comedy, Anesti Danielis

Oh Yeah, This, Andrew Chapman

Online Dating, Adam Christie

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish, Leonard Chan

Peugilist, Rob Pue

Please Help Me I am Very sick, Tim Gilbert

Praying to See Boobs – Breastfeeding – EXPLICIT, Mayce Galoni

Self Titled, Andrew Barr

Self Titled, Marito Lopez

Sips Tea, Andrew Johnston

Delightfully Dark, Jeff Paul

Story Yelling, Darren Frost

Straight White Fail, Mike Wilmot

Surprised Eyebrows, Karen O’Keefe

Tell It To My Balls, DeAnne Smith

The Big Reveal, Natalie Norman

The Kindness of Stranglers, Flo and Joan

Tom Henry Kills, Tom Henry

Uncle, Mike Wilmot

Unmedicated: The New Fragrance, Kyle Brownrigg

Victory Flaps, Flo and Joan

Violently Nice, Ryan Dillon

White Noise, Sam Norton

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