Thanks for Coming Out to TAP!

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Black Sheep’s first “Testing: Attention Please” show had it all; a ukulele, a comedy rap duo, brand new talent, seasoned comics and a cash prize! We also had a full house at Social Capital Theatre so thank you to our fantastic audience!
Of course, we wouldn’t have enjoyed such success without our fantastic lineup, so a heartfelt thanks to Melanie Dahling, Nikki Yee, Moiz Divan, Marissa Christiano, and Mike Payne.
A special thanks to our feature performer, Joel Buxton. He had the crowd in stitches, as usual. Joel’s set never disappoints; a guaranteed giggle-fest from start to finish. You can catch Joel’s show, “Don’t Break the Chain” at Comedy Bar. Or if you’re lucky, you might see one of his hilarious contributions to “The Beaverton”.
A huge thank you to our headliner GoodKnight. They entertained the hell out of our full house and we all wished we could have heard more of their unique brand of comedy rap tracks. You can get their single, “Wavy” on Spotify, iTunes or right here.
The very first winner of Testing: Attention Please was Moiz Divan; a Second City standup student.
Moiz left the show with the $25 prize and is guaranteed a spot on our next TAP show at 120 Diner on January 31st. Maybe he’ll keep his title and win again. Who knows? Anything can happen at a Black Sheep Comedy show!
Congratulations to Moiz and we hope to see you all the next TAP installment in January!

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