Why You Need to Invest in a Headshot

Guest post by Jenn Grachow of JnK Imagery – Branding photographer.

awesome headshot of cool tattoed woman by JnK ImageryWelcome to the world of comedy. So you want to be a star?

Just like anything else, you are creating a brand and you need to control how the audience sees you when you’re not on stage. The best way to do this is through an image that allows booking agents and your audience to see you before you set foot on stage.

So how do you do this? Well, my friend, the best way is to invest in some professional images. You want to work with someone that can capture your personality and at the same time create clean, high quality images. I’m sorry but your phone is not going to cut it!

As much fun as crazy backgrounds are, unless you are going to spend the money and time on creating a series to use for multiple situations your best bet is to keep it clean. If you can only invest in 1 good image the best idea is to use a simple white background that graphic designers can utilize or change out for the marketing materials they are creating for the shows you want to be in.

awesome headshot of cool tattoed woman by JnK ImageryYou can make the session more colourful by the clothing you wear or the props you bring. Just make sure that it matches what you plan on doing over the next year or more.

If it’s been a couple of years since your last headshot session it’s probably time to invest again. Especially if your look has changed in anyway. A good headshot builds credibility and part of that is making sure it looks like the current version of you!

woman with nice curly hair photographer JnK Imagery

When it comes to choosing a photographer the best thing to do is choose one who’s style you like and makes you feel comfortable. After all you don’t want a bad photo to haunt you for the next year or two, or worse resurface many years down the road!

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Guy with fake moustache headshot by JnK Imagery Burlington


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GLAMJULES mini headshot session with JnK Imagery

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