Event Planning: Lessons Learned by Frank Williamson

We have a special guest post today by Frank Williamson, organizer of sports card shows and comic book shows in the GTA. Frank is offering up his biggest lesson learned for organizing and hosting large events on a monthly basis!

Newmarket Card Comic Book Show GTAI’m the event organizer of a couple of ongoing sports card and comic book shows. Why did I get into this super cool endeavour? To attract the ladies, of course.
The biggest lesson I learned about putting on an event, especially an ongoing monthly one, is that on the day of the show it’s best to be concerned about those who are there as opposed to the turn out you hoped for. If you’ve done everything you possibly could to attract a crowd then all you can do is make it as best an experience as possible for the attendees who made it out to your show because in that moment they are your number one priority. If you go out of your way to make the crowd feel like you are there for them and only them, they’ll spread the word and your hard work will become easier. Each show will be better attended than the last one!
Another piece of advice for anyone who is thinking about running an event is to partner with the right people, whether it be the venue or anyone else involved. If they’re just thinking about themselves and can’t see the big picture then it won’t be your loss if you’re no longer working with them.
It’ll only have been our third show held at Brunswick Bierworks but on May 19th The Toronto Card Show is celebrating our 13th anniversary. I’m still single but like to think that I’m playing the long game.

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