Help Courtney Get Her #DreamLeg

We are SO excited to have the incredible Courtney Gilmour headlining Black Sheep Comedy’s Stand Up at Brunswick Bierworks, June Edition! In addition to her insane amount of accomplishments and credits in comedy, which you can read here, she has also fundraised 44.87% of her $100,000 goal to get her dream leg! How amazing is that?

Why does Courtney require a dream leg you ask? In her own words, here is the answer:

A few months ago my artificial leg - which was brand shiny new and one out of a series of many failed attempts at securing a proper fitting prosthesis over the past 5 years - completely snapped in half on the stairs of Ossington subway station in Toronto. I was on my way to perform at a show and it buckled right underneath me with zero warning. I fell forward and caught myself before I could tumble down the stairs. I'm lucky I wasn't hurt and I'm lucky that it didn't happen moments earlier while exiting the train, or crossing an intersection, or tightrope walking across Niagara Falls as I like to do on Sunday afternoons, etc.

My agent who was across the street at the comedy club came over and carried me like Superman from the subway to the stage while my weird dangly dead fish leg flopped around in front of passersby.”

If you would like to contribute to Courtney’s cause, visit and share her GoFundMe page Help Courtney Get Her #DreamLeg. To Learn more about Dream Leg Foundation, visit here.

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