Hey Marcel!

Today we have the incredibly talented – seriously, check out his bio, below – Ralph MacLeod joining us to talk about one of our favourite things online right now: Hey Marcel! Puns. Follow Ralph MacLeod on Facebook to see all of these gems, posted daily.


Hey Marcel!

I’ve always enjoyed puns! It’s the same for everyone. The puns YOU make are amazing. The puns everyone else makes are garbage. I grew to enjoy the ‘groan’ factor when you make a spectacularly bad one.

In my troupe, The Coincidence Men, three of us, Kerry, Gord, and I, LOVE puns. We’d get on any kind of topic and just riff puns to each other, until we got the biggest “groaner”. The other member of our troupe, Marcel, would look at us with a certain amount of disdain or maybe it was disgust.

One day, I was on set filming a tv show and had lots of downtime. I started posting puns on Facebook. After about the third or fourth one, Marcel posted a .gif that manifested how he felt. It’s a well known one with a guy in a board meeting suddenly getting up, going to a window, and jumping out.

Never one to shy from the bit, I wrote another one immediately, and tagged him in it. Hey Marcel!

We’re now in an arms race wherein I post a pun or dad joke and he reacts with a .gif about how awful I am, how he wants to murder me, or kill himself. I, in turn, post a .gif wherein I delight in his torture.

Over the two plus years we’ve been doing it, there has developed a fan base. Some are on Marcel’s side but MOST are on mine.

The recent isolation has caused me to elevate my game to where I’m posting three or more a day. Marcel is slowly dying inside much to the delight and consternation of our ‘fans’.

The best part is each joke spawns several puns on the same topic. The community feel to this game is the best part.

Although Marcel and I take a lot of abuse online we are often messaged by people (or stopped out in public) by the fans and told how much they enjoy it. During this recent crisis, several people have told me how much our idiocy is brightening their days. Anyone who knows me knows how much joy I receive from this.  Come join in the lunacy.

Hey Marcel, My home was robbed! But, all they took was the toilet. I called the police to come investigate but they refused saying they had nothing to go on.

Hey Marcel,
Sometimes I wish I’d stuck with my career in finance. However, I was bad at it and lost interest.

Hey Marcel,
I know you’re still mad because I don’t know the meaning of apocalypse. But, relax, it’s not the end of the world.

Hey Marcel,
Today, I woke up and found a grey hair. I wouldn’t say I panicked but I dyed a little.

Hey Marcel,
People who confuse etymology and entomology bug me in ways that I can not put into words.

Hey Marcel,
What kind of birds stick together in tough times?
Velcrows! :0

Hey Marcel,
Remember that time you bought my After Eight’s for $100 because they were in mint condition!

Hey Marcel,
What does it take to circumcise a whale?
Four skin divers!

Hey Marcel,
What’s a Jedi’s favourite meal? Obi Wan KeGnocchi.

Hey Marcel.
I was trying to buy a sweater but my card got declined. I asked them to try the Cardigan!

Hey Marcel,
My home was robbed! But, all they took was the toilet. I called the police to come investigate but they refused saying they had nothing to go on.

Hey Marcel,
I remember when my grandfather passed away because the doctors didn’t know his blood type. As he slipped away he kept yelling “Be Positive”. But it’s hard.

Hey Marcel,
I tried to give up deli meat but I couldn’t quit cold turkey!

It’s all out war on Marcel and David! “I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job, but when I got home, all the signs were there.”

Hey Marcel,
My battery is dyin


Ralph MacLeod is a Toronto based actor/improviser/comedian and the co-owner of The Social Capital Theatre.  He is also a co-founder of the Bad Dog Theatre.  Ralph has produced, created, directed, starred in, and/or written hundreds of live shows.  He’s also the host of the popular, The Dating Game.  He is heavily involved in bringing improv to the corporate world through his company Yes, Unlimited. Recently, he has developed Improv for Social Skills, using the tenants of improv and mindfulness to teach people how to interact and play with other human beings.

As an actor Ralph has appeared in dozens of tv shows and commercials. Credits include, Extreme Babysitting, Undercover High (Nominated for an International Kids Emmy Award), Race for the Whitehouse, The Bushes, Cleared for Chaos, Canada:  The Story of Us, Paranormal Witness, Fear Thy Neighbor, and many, many more.

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