An Excuse to Get Off Your Couch : Working Out at Home with Anjelica Scannura

Multi-talented comedian, dancer and work out queen Anjelica Scannura is visiting the BS News blog to tell us about the awesomely retro Anjelica’s 22 Minute Work Out on One TV, and to discuss how she’s coping with self-isolation.


The thought of a long gym commute always makes me shudder.  I want to make the plan of waking up, drinking a coffee and almost before the caffeine hits, be done with my workout.  If I don’t have to leave my house and brave the elements or face crowded public transit to workout, then you’ve got me.  That’s why my relationship with One Television was already ideal before COVID-19 thawunked into our lives– One TV has got some of the finest in fitness programming all from the comfort of your own home and is designed for you to be at home doing it, which is strangely now our only option for the time being.

What’s not to love about One TV and working out at home?  You can dress however you want, keep your schedule flowing and have access to some of the most illustrious variety of fitness and lifestyle shows on this planet; 2 of them being my shows Anjelica’s Dance Workout and Anjelica’s 22 Minute Workout.  Both shows are results of my years in dance and fitness, which wouldn’t have come to fruition if not for the decadent production value and vision of Zoomer Media.

I’m always encouraging people to watch my shows, especially back in January when everyone was settling on their resolutions. Then BOOM, pandemic pandemonium!  Gotcha!  You can’t go out!  Yes, it’s caused much anxiety for me as well, and I’m a homebody.  But, aren’t there some moments where you go “Wow, the whole world is having an entirely universal experience right now, whooaaaaa duuuude.” and then maybe you swear a bit, ponder some conspiracy theories, but then end up relaxing (thanks to the red wine) and kind of reveling in the fact that we aren’t in control and that this is just so weird.  I’ve been going back and forth between those feelings, and it can be quite liberating. I’ve been indulging, and will continue to have spurts of that until we see this thing through (Hey, it’s all about moderation), but I’m also implementing a light schedule to keep me on track and prevent the days from melding into one another, and small positive habits that help me feel like I’m still making progress.  My shows air three times throughout the day so that you can catch it and participate morning or evening, staying on your schedule.

My recent show, Anjelica’s 22 Minute Workout, has everything you need; working multiple groups for a quick calorie burn and weight loss. It will even help you develop your rhythm and stamina 😉 There is built in fit tech on the show, showing you how many steps I’ve taken, my calorie burn, heart rate and timer.  These features, coupled with 80’s aerobics, tongue n’ cheek humour and some neon legwarmers launch it into the modern fitness realm.  

And Hey! Great news!

One TV, home to Anjelica’s Dance Workout and Anjelica’s 22 Minute Workout is in free preview for all of April!  Rogers Ch 265, Bell 1606, or check your local listings.
One TV Schedule :

And BONUS! Anjelica’s 22-Minute Workout is on Vision TV, Monday to Fridays at 6:30 AM! Rogers Ch 60, Bell 1161 or Bell Fibe 1213.

Be well and Big hugs! X

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