Welcome Lou Currie

We are SO excited to welcome Lou Currie to the Black Sheep Comedy & Black Sheep Entertainment team! Not only do they come with a wealth of experience in Social Media Management (which is awesome, since she’s our new Social Media Manager), Lou is also a multi-talented musical comedian AND has a bunch of other fun skills. Please help us welcome this wonderful human to Black Sheep!

LOU CURRIE @_loucurrie (they/them/she/her). Hello! My name is Lou, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be joining Cathy and Darcia at Black Sheep as their new Social Media Manager! I’m a comedian, musician, and writer, as well as a current student at Humber College for comedy writing & performance. I’m passionate about diversity, inclusion, but overall just having a good laugh, which is why Black Sheep’s mission spoke to me so deeply.. I’m so glad they’ve invited me to join their incredible team, and if you see me at any of our gigs, either onstage or in the crowd, please do not hesitate to say hi! (After the show, that is. Please do not heckle. Heckling is bad. Even if you’re just saying hi. Ok. Moving on.)

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