TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! Meet the Comedians for our December Edition

TESTING: ATTENTION PLEASE! is back with a brand new edition! Come watch this healthy mix of new and experienced comedians compete for a HUGE(ly underwhelming) cash prize PLUS a surprise prize, which could be awesome or something that they’ll definitely re-gift this holiday season, AND the title of Audience Favourite!

Check out this awesome lineup and then get your advance price ticket (or pay a couple dollars more at the door, cash only) and come vote for your favourite at 120 Diner on Thursday December 12th! Doors open at 9pm.

Steve Grey

Steve Grey is a Durham based comic and writer. He blends life experiences and the absurdity of growing up as one of 9 kids with his energetic personality. When he’s not on stage you can find him putting pineapple on pizza and in that Bumble profile you just swiped left on.

Look him up on Instagram @realstevegrey

Jeremy Fisher

From Durham to Peel Region and all of Toronto in between, Jeremy Fisher has graced the stages all over the GTA over the past year. 

A movie mogul and comedic genius, Jeremy puts a spin on today’s hottest and most controversial topics. 

A friendly comedian and young man who isn’t afraid to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly, entertains audiences across cities and continues to crack the best jokes.

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is a fresh-faced stand-up comedian with a questionably professional way of ranting about the daily grind of being a high school teacher in 2019. From a dirt road to the busy streets of the 6ix, this country girl knows she’s not in Lunenburg anymore and has the stories to prove it. When she is not on stage, you can catch her overcoming her constant struggle between wanting to eat a snack and looking like one. Look her up on social media @morganbrown17   

Evan Theriault

Evan Theriault is a sad white boy comic, with a fun gay twist. A new comic in Toronto, ON, Evan is a student at Second City improv, but still feels he’s bad at pretending to hold a broom. When he isn’t doing comedy, he’s still seeking the approval of strangers, so let him know if you have any favours you need done. He doesn’t know how to ride a bike, but he doesn’t want you to know that.

You can check him out @ettheriault on Twitter and Instagram.

Ray See

Ray See is back to Earth performing in the 6ix. 85 young and alien to the stand-up world. In his free time he saves humanity…Madness 12:12

Follow @Ray See on Facebook, @dr_rosshole on Instagram and @RaySee8 on Twitter 

Sarah Boston

Sarah has had a circuitous route to the glamorous world of Stand up comedy. She is a veterinary cancer surgeon and cancer survivor. Ironic, right? Her book, LUCKY DOG: HOW BEING A VETERINARIAN SAVED MY LIFE, was published by The House of Anansi in 2014. LUCKY DOG will make you laugh and ugly cry, sometimes at the same time, most of the time out loud. Writing this book got Sarah on the path of comedy writing and eventually she found stand up. Now she can’t stop/won’t stop. Sarah has taken stand up classes at Second City and Absolute Comedy because she is a total nerd in all aspects of her life, even when it comes to stand up. She has performed in many dives in the GTA and even some nice places that don’t terrify her. She also started a satirical veterinary online newspaper called The Cageliner. It’s like The Onion, but for vet peeps. You can read it too if you want. Sarah draws inspiration from all around her because as Nora Ephron said, “Everything is copy.”

@drsarahboston on Instagram and the dying art of Twitter

Cathy Boyd

The stand-up bug bit Cathy late in life but some might say that gives her an edge. After completing the writing course at Second City, Cathy tagged along with a friend to try her hand at stand-up comedy and the rest as they say, is history. She quickly made a name for herself in and around Toronto, London and Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Saint John, New Brunswick. She found herself headlining at the Maine Comedy Festival in September of 2017 and performed at the Portland, Maine Comedy Festival in July, 2018.

Cathy was 1 of 5 finalists in the 5th Annul Absolute Comedy Prove You’re a Comic Competition. She is also the producer of C’est La Vie, a monthly comedy show, here in Toronto and can be heard on Sirius XM Radio, Canada Laughs. Cathy was invited to appear at The Best of Absolute Comedy in September, 2018, as part of Toronto’s annual comedy festival, JFL42.

Cathy is the loving mother of four, who readily admits, three would have been good. She’d have been good with three.

Josh Yang

Josh Yang is a brand new amateur comic having started performing stand up comedy in the summer of 2019. Originally from Vancouver, Josh grew up heavily influenced by comedy in television and movies, and always looked for an opportunity to make a joke amongst friends. After moving to Toronto and discovering the vibrant comedy scene, Josh decided to take the first step and sign up for a comedy writing class at Absolute Comedy. A graduate of the LOL Comedy Class taught by local comedians, Foad HP and Joe Vu, Josh aims to develop a style of comedy that blends observational humour with his dry wit and East-West cultural perspective. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @joshyangcomedy. Check him out around Toronto at participating comedy shows while supplies last.

Cole Sauer

Cole Sauer is a 3-time award nominated radio host and host of several unsuccessful podcasts. When he’s not on stage he loves his cat and is active in the competitive fighting game scene. You can follow him on social media @OldKingCake and he really needs more followers.

Robbie MacMillan

Robbie MacMillan is a stand-up comedian and writer from Toronto, Ontario. He has studied at Humber College’s Comedy: Writing & Performance program, and performed stand-up comedy at multiple venues around the city. Robbie is a speech writer for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada, most recently working with the Rhinos on the 2019 federal election. When not performing or writing comedy, Robbie can be found in the Toronto Harbour as a Tiki Taxi captain.

You can follow Robbie on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @RobbieCMac or use #RobMacComedy (the hashtag is only slightly better than hashbrowns).

Jennifer Hsiung

Jennifer Hsiung has a last name that no one can pronounce correctly. She loves scones, vanilla ice cream, Game and Thrones, and her kids (perhaps in that order). The mother of three was an international television anchor for China Central Television in Beijing for 10 years (where she covered two Olympic Games, a G20 Summit, and interviewed a bunch of famous people), and has just relocated back to her hometown of Toronto last September. She started pursuing stand-up comedy in China after baby number two came out, and made her Comedy Central debut in season three of “Stand-Up Asia!” last summer where she was featured in the first episode with Canadian comedian Sugar Sammy. She has hosted and opened for international headliners such as Ahmed Ahmed, Tony Woods, Kate Willett, Mike Ward, Mike Vechionne and Nazeem Hussein. Two months after giving birth to her third son (yep, the babies just kept coming) she competed in the 2017 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition and was the only female to reach the finals. Jennifer has been delighting and disgusting audiences throughout Asia, and now North America, with her various impersonations, classy vagina jokes, and observations about motherhood, childhood, racism, astrology, physics, pop culture, English cucumbers and everything in between.

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