Podcast Feature: The Immigrant Section

Today we are excited to have comedian, actor & writer Abbas Wahab joining us to tell us about his popular podcast, The Immigrant Section.


When I first started toying with the idea of starting my own podcast, I was already a pretty regular consumer of the medium. I didn’t know much about the starting process, all I knew is that I was not hearing the type of conversations I was used to, with that immigrant-underdog point-of-view and tone.

When I was thinking about what to call it, I couldn’t help but remember my high school days when all the immigrants and misfits would hang out in a certain pocket of hallway, in a predominantly-white school. This pocket was appropriately called “The Immigrant Section”, and was known for thunderous laughter and a barrage of languages, all while trying to navigate this strange immigrant experience.

That’s what I try to make every episode of my podcast, an un-structured open forum between two people, sharing stories and experiences that are really unique in themselves. I’ve had guests on from over 25 different countries, ranging from CEOs to body builders, and a ton of comedians in between!

I learn something new every episode I do, and that’s the vibe I’ve been getting back from my listeners. Episode 50 is around the corner, tune into The Immigrant Section!

Being an immigrant is like wearing an away jersey at every home game. A weekly show where guests join Abbas Wahab, Sudanese-Canadian comedian, to share their foreign take through stories, tips, and talk of anything and everything. Whether you’re an immigrant, raised by one, or just enjoy watching cultures collide, this is the podcast for you

Tune into my weekly podcast, The Immigrant Section: https://abbaswahab.podbean.com/

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